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Dear Blanca,

After my first speaking gig, I have realized it is the fastest and most effective to reach your target market who are looking for your services.

I am grateful that the business owners that I have been meeting are such warm delightful people.

So here is a quick tip to generate massive leads, identify your ideal target market. Find an association or company that has a database of these "ready prospects" and offer to share on a topic that interests them.
Then, watch your sales soar! And the best part is that you are sharing your skills to help them in their business.
In this issue, I share some tips on stepping into your true power to achieve your true potential. You are amazing and brilliant if you allow yourself to be.

Speak to you soon,
Pam Siow, Leads Generation Consultant

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 Choosing To Step Into Your True Power

It has been a great week meeting up with business owners and sharing ideas on how to grow their business through the internet.
Last week, I felt truly empowered as I overcame my slight fear of public speaking and attracted this fantastic group of business owners for further discussions on how to generate leads through the internet.
For this week, I will like to share some tips for stepping into your power. Sometimes you must take action and take the step of faith before the universe starts sharing your true gifts with you.

1) Take the step of belief
Sometimes, even when you are unsure, I recommend taking the step of faith ahead. One tiny example is that when I started my consultancy, I usually print my work at cyber cafes (when my printer broke down) because I was not sure how many clients I would acquire and require printing of documents.
However, one day, I just decide to go ahead and purchase the printer and scanner because I FELT that more clients were coming and I wanted to be ready.And true enough, more clients started rolling in and required me to print more documents.
Hence, take the tiny step of faith. It could be hiring someone, investing in marketing activities, investing into equipment to show your faith in progress in business.
2) Make decisions like your future self
If you want to be a successful business owner or a successful employee, you have to start thinking like your future to project yourself there. Whenever you face a decision, ask yourself, “How would a millionaire business owner react?” and chose to take that decision. By making decisions like your future self, you will generate similar results like your future self.

Love and Blessings,
Pam Siow
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Pamelina Siow, the Leads Generation Expert of Make It Right II simply loves helping small medium business owners double their profits and gain more free time.
Highly recommended! Pam has transformed my previous website into a much sexier image and branding us as experts in our respective fields

Even though I didn't provide much input, Pamelina was able to conceptualize the company image and branding, revamping us into a much stronger brand. Her experience in her own businesses provides her with the knowledge on what is required to be positioned as an expert online and get prospects to convert.

Definitely worth the marketing investment as my company’s image is much more impressive and the website traffic has increased by 50%.
I expect to see a doubling of inquiries or sales with this complete package of improved online branding and increased targeted traffic in my website! 101% satisfaction with her work. The marketing person to work for increasing the conversion rates of your websites!
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